Birmingham Knee and Shoulder Clinic provide a complete service encompassing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Arthroscopic, reconstructive and replacement surgery are all performed to the highest standards with regular audit and assessment of results and outcomes. Diseases of the knee and shoulder are common and second only to that of the spine. Therefore effective treatment of conditions affecting these two joints requires consultant surgeons with high degrees of specialisation. Surgeons who specialise in diseases of the knee and shoulder alone are well established in the USA and Australia. The link between these two joints is the surgical skills of key hole surgery, reconstruction and replacement surgery.


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Knee Treatments

The knee joint is the joint between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone). It also articulates (rides against ) the patella (the knee cap). Because of its flat and potentially unstable shape, it is held together by a series of major ligaments and the surrounding soft

Shoulder Treatments

Most shoulder problems cause pain with or without stiffness. Occasionally, the problem is weakness or instability. This section guides you through to find the most probable cause for your shoulder problem. Once you reach a conclusion on what might be causing your problem, you will be able to use this web site more effectively.

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