Larus Sigurdsson

Professional footballer West Bromwhich Albion F.C. and Iceland national team

"I have been very impressed with the professionalism and the level of care provided by Mr Green. I found Mr Green to straight talking and willing to openly discuss the surgical options available to me. His competence as a surgeon allowed to return to full time professional football. I would recommend him to anyone."


Michael Evans

48 years old Self employed Builder

"My shoulder is brilliant, no pain whatsoever I am working flat out 12 hours a day, just finished building a house with my son....

I tore the tendon in my shoulder when I fell off a ladder at work 2 years ago.It was very painful. I had a scan and an open operation to repair the tendon, but I was in more pain than ever , I still could not work. The surgeon suggested another operation.. that's when I asked my GP to send me to a Shoulder Specialist.

I saw Mr. Learmonth who sorted the tear out by micro surgery (Keyhole) and the shoulder soon became more comfortable and the shoulder is now brilliant. I feel I wasted 2 years trying to get better following the first operation which made me worse. Having a specialist clinic for shoulders makes sure you know your surgeon knows what he is doing!"


Tony Iommi

Guitarist Black Sabbath

"As a local resident, I really appreciated having the Shoulder Clinic at the Priory Hospital in my area.

The speed in which my case was looked at was impressive - it seemed like no time from the initial referral to the operation. The keyhole surgery was carried out without too much discomfort and the recovery time was minimal.

Being a guitarist, any shoulder problems are a real cause for concern, but thanks to Duncan Learmonth and his team at the Priory Hospital, my shoulder is now considerably improved.

Given the number of people I have spoken to who have similar problems, I think a specialist clinic is really important for the Birmingham area."


Ernie Taylor

Professional Bodybuilder

"My name is Ernie Taylor I am a professional bodybuilder by trade, I also write a monthly column on training and nutrition in the flex magazine. I have had shoulder problems since 1994, I searched high and low for a top surgeon but wasn't so successful as my first surgery was in 1997 and so to speak it wasn't very good.

I was recommended to Dr Duncan Learmonth in 1999, my career was on the line as I could no longer be active in the sport, and shoulders were so bad I had problems clothing myself; I went from bodybuilder to invalid. Mr Learmonth operated on my left shoulder in April 1999, and then the right shoulder in July 1999.

To cut a long story short I was back to lifting weights within 6 months of surgery, I felt great shoulder were fantastic it was as if I was touched by the hand of God so to speak, I became competitive once again and by no time I was ranked No 1 in Europe and top 8 in the world.

4 th July 2004 I was in a motor cycle road traffic accident where my shoulder didn't take kindly to the kerb, giving me an 8 cm tear of the supraspinatus and Infraspinatus. I was once again in search of Dr Learmonth as the previous 5 yrs my shoulders have been 100%, by the 8 th July Learmonth got me in through a cancellation just before he went away on a 2 week vacation, and to be quite honest I would have waited with the pain for him to return before seeing anyone else."


Braulio Estima

Martial Arts World Champion

I would like to say thanks to Mr Learmonth for the excellent job on my knee, I am a professional athlete and thanks to him and Lucy from the physiotherapy I am back to my full training. Thanks very much